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Friday, 14 December 2018

The Most Creative Bookshelves Designs

Home is a place familiar but never boring, TT.art searchs and collects good ideas for you to refresh your home.

Today we decided to make a collection with the best bookshelfs that we gathered here on Freshome in almost an year since the first post was posted, and here is a beautiful collection with the 30 best bookshelfs that we found until now.

1. The Equation Bookshelf is designed by Marcos Breder and is a simple idea of to divide things in priority order. As you can see the design is quite unique, stylish and original. You can put together the books that you need immediately or more important between (parentheses) or maybe a photo, or something important for you to be the focal point of this bookselhf. Set others between [square brackets] and {braces}.

The Equation Bookshelf

2. The Folding Bookshelves is something really innovative in the bookshelves business, and I really like the idea. It’s very practical because you can arrange the books in an interesting way, as you can see from these pictures. The shelves are made of tough and steady cherry wood, but they possess the lightness of rice paper: they can be laid down, stood up, turned 90 degrees, used horizontally or vertically.

The Folding Bookshelves

3. This multi-sized shelves design called the Quad Bookcase can store your CDs, DVDs, folders and books all in one clever product. For even more storage space, separate units can be joined together. Asymmetry in perfect balance!

Quad Bookcase

4. Designer Da-Eun Song had an interesting idea when he designed this shelf that spells out shelf. This shelf has an very original and modern design. You can’t store to much stuff on this shelf, but is a great way to decorate a wall, and put inside only the books and objects your really like.

Designer Da-Eun Song

5. Now this design might look cool for the eye, but I don’t think you can stay to relaxed in that space, I’d rather stay in a comfortable chair. The “Shelves with a Bench” was designed by Stanislav Katz, a designer from Latvia.

Shelves with a Bench

Here are some samples of creative bookshelf to refresh your house that you can refer. Please contact us if you really want to do these ideas!

The Most Creative Bookshelves Designs

The Most Creative Bookshelves Designs

The Most Creative Bookshelves Designs

The Most Creative Bookshelves Designs

The Most Creative Bookshelves Designs